Why This Blog?

Why Not?

I know that nobody but me is reading this blog… I think of this as a journal, that people may stumble upon, I keep my notes, the sites I like or digg, and any other crazy ideas that come to my head….

You’ll notice that I write whatever ideas I may get, and that the official timezone of this Blog is QST (Qatar Standard Time… GMT+3)

7 thoughts on “Why This Blog?”

  1. If you are wondering how I stumbled upon your blog, then I will give you this clue, try searching for: “Doha breadboards” on Google.

    Surprisingly I found you are an SO user as well, what are the odds!

    BTW, I still didn’t find a place to buy a breadboard in Doha 🙁

  2. You can find breadboards in Musheirib. Ask for a place called “Basheer Radio”, or better yet, ask for “AlAnnabi Electronics”. There’s a tiny store next to it called “Sof-Tel”, not to be confused with “Sofitel”. It’s relatively cheap and you should find breadboards there. I got a few from them a couple of years ago when I needed them for a university project.

  3. After you mentioned your piece on “walking” on Doha News, I was curious and thus read it. Your pinpoint accuracy on the conclusion made me browse a bit more till I read your part on signs and languages: tres bien aussi! I think you gained yourself a new fan 🙂 Keep up the refreshing writing.

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