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Microsoft Photosynth 0

Microsoft Photosynth

I first saw photosynth on ted, but now it’s available for preview, If you don’t know about photosynth, have a look at the Microsoft PhotoSynth Videos on Youtube.

VMWare Fusion for MacOS 0

VMWare Fusion for MacOS

After Apple’s move to intel x86 CPU’s, it’s now possible to do things that were previously impossible…. Have a look at VMWare’s Fusion for MacOS, that as the video shows, will provide Unity between...

Web 2.0 Explained 0

Web 2.0 Explained

WOW… this video is so … refreshing….

Al-Jazeera English is live 0

Al-Jazeera English is live

“November 15th, a new era in television news.” – Al-Jazeera English is live. Ten years after it started Arabic-language broadcasts, Al-Jazeera launched an English-language news channel.