Spam, spam, and spam!

httpv:// This Monty python routine is the basis of the name spam, you will get it, even if you didn’t want to! In the old internet, we didn’t really care about spam bots trying to find our email addresses, for example: I participated in mailing lists, these mailing lists have online archives that include the […]

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Ubuntu versions

I just like the way Ubuntu names its versions: Warty�Warthog Hoary�Hedgehog Breezy�Badger Dapper�Drake Edgy�Eft Feisty�Fawn Gutsy�Gibbon Hardy�Heron Intrepid�Ibex Jaunty�Jackalope Karmic�Koala Lucid�Lynx Maverick�Meerkat Natty�Narwhal Oneiric�Ocelot photo credit: Michael F�tsch

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Podcasts I listen to

photo credit: Mustafa Khayat I listen to a lot of podcasts on the Blackberry using PodTrapper. Here’s a list of the podcasts I listen to, linked directly to their RSS feeds. Some of these may be old and not have any recent updates. Linux/FOSS Linux Outlaws Security Now! Linux News Log (mp3) FLOSS Weekly Full […]

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Different views?

In the famous parable of the blind men and the elephant, a group of blind men approach an elephant and each touches a different part of the animal. One touches the trunk and thinks it’s a snake, another touches the ear and thinks it’s a fan, while another touches the leg and thinks it’s a […]

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Quo Vadis?

Qatar has changed a lot during the last few decades… especially since Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani ruled the country in 1995. Population Explosion Qatar’s population was less than 50,000 in 1964, around half a million in 1994, and lately, it grew a lot, notice the jump in 1995: In 2014, the population is about […]

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