Not a terrorist!

My name is Osama, and I am not a terrorist. In 2006, I wrote about my name, and some of the difficulties I had online. I also had some difficulties before and after 2001 since this is not a common name in Qatar. I never faced any security problems in US airports (so far). But […]

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My flickr photos

I just posted a few photos from this trip on flickr… still sorting and tagging them…

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Telephone Numbers

I have noticed that some companies do not put the telephone numbers that the customers need to call. Regency For example, when I wanted to reserve a ticket (before the electronic ticket problems) I wanted to call Regency Travel, Q-Tel’s information directory at 180 usually takes a long time to respond so I visited their […]

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Treasure or Normal

I went to Chilli’s the other day for lunch/dinner (it’s a meal I try to have once a day), it was packed and no tables were available, I agreed to sit at the bar. I ordered a Quesadilla Explosion Salad, and a diet coke, the server asked me if I wanted it Kenz or Normal. […]

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Your Magesty?

The people here in Egypt always use fancy names, I don’t know what they tell people who speak English (do they just say Sir?), but in Arabic,it’s more complicated your Sirness, your Excellency, your Excellency the Pacha … and many elaborate titles… I’m sure someday, someone will call me your majesty…

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