Do not walk outside this area

I was on the plane last Monday, row 38. Row 37 had the door to the wing, and I was imagining the person in front of me opening it and walking on the wing (the effect of 2 sleepless nights, and long meetings). I take a peek through the window, and I notice the window […]

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At a project management course, the instructor was emphasizing the importance of language in multinational projects, since the course was in English he said “I’m sure most of you understand some kind of English… Who speaks other languages?” most of the attendees raised their hands since none of us is a native speaker of English. […]

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Carpe Diem

I would always say seize the day … As in “it’s never too late to do anything”. Do you want to get a higher education? Travel somewhere? Lose weight? Gain weight? Own a Ferrari?

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On Walking

I wrote a little bit about it in June 2007, in “Walking Around” and “A trip on the LRT” while I was on a month-long training course in Cairo, and I haven’t written much more about walking… I have always loved walking. I lived in Paris for about two years (1989-1991), and I didn’t get […]

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Saffron at Katara! Amazing!

I would never be able to explain how I felt there, or describe the experience, but I say “Amazing food! Amazing experience!” Went to Saffron on Saturday, they had weekend set-menus, so we went for the 5-course menu… It included samples of every part of India, North, South, East, and West… It started with a […]

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