My Own Green Screen

Seeing all those internet diy greenscreens I deided to make one myself, I used local materials and made it as easy as possible: 1/16″ – 4’x8′ MDF Board The brightest color of green paint (matte) 3″ paint brush. I lay the MDF on the floor, with newspapers under it around the edges. I painted two […]

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XP’s Places on Save/Open Dialog Boxes

I have always hated the way Windows XP manages open and save dialog boxes, it gives me choices on the left of the dialog, but those are not the places that I need, I frequently save, and load files from/to: My Desktop e:\ A mapped network drive (Linux through Samba) A webdav access to a […]

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Boot Linux faster with an open BIOS

Linux does not need much of the BIOS in our PC motherboards, most of it was made in the DOS days, and Windows probably still uses many BIOS functions, but Linux runs on many different platforms, and could get rid of the BIOS. read more | digg story

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Stolen phone automaticlly flickrs!

ben at practicalist says: My cell phone was stolen last Friday. I had it disconnected and arranged to get a replacement. It had been set up with the excellent service from ShoZu to automatically upload all pictures taken with the phone to Flickr. So today, completely surprisingly, I find pictures on my Flickr account of […]

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Time Zones

Most operating systems support the notion of time zones, this allows a computers that communicates with eachother from different countries to have a shared notion of time. I like the way Linux deals with timezones, it allows me to choose Asia/Qatar, this is very different from Microsoft Windows. In older versions of Windows my timezone […]

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