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I also hate files! 0

I also hate files!

Larry Cannell says “I Hate Files”, and I agree with almost every point. Files are a major nuisance, and until another practical solution is universally accepted, we will have to live with them. Online-only...

Translation in Google Talk 0

Translation in Google Talk

Google’s newly added translation bots are amazing, I’ve been using them for a few days now, and they’re much faster, simpler, and easier to use than opening language tools in your browser. Supported language...

The Power of Good UI Design

The Power of Good UI Design

When a user interface is so intuitive, that even a one-year-old can use it. – The Power of Good UI Design (yes, this is about the iphone)

Amateurs Do Incredible Things

Amateurs Do Incredible Things

Amateurs do incredible things, I think that people who don’t know what they’re doing are better innovators, they don’t have the baggage of knowing the official way to do it. When Linus Torvalds started...

Amazing 3D face modeling 0

Amazing 3D face modeling

 Have a look at this new technology, it allows to model faces in 3d from a single (2d) image. Amazing 3D rendering technology