Dispelling the Myth: GPTs Do Understand

Daniel Miessler’s post discusses the misconception that GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) are simply text completion tools without actual understanding. He argues that GPTs do possess a level of understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in new situations and contexts. The post provides a definition of understanding and applies it to GPTs, showcasing their ability […]

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Looking for difficult problems to solve!

Problems! Hi, I’ve been fascinated by solving difficult problems, and I’m currently looking for problems 🙂 ! My twitter profile says that I am a “Qatari fearless leader, Polyglot, Polymath, Engineer, IT Specialist, Manager, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Linux-Addicted. Just like Qatar, I do the impossible!”. I’ve been doing some of these things for decades. I’d […]

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Twitter has changed me

Got to know many people, online. Got to know some of them in real life. New friends, not Facebook-style “friends”, but real friends. Twitter I hope the change is for the better.

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The cult of iOrange!

I know some people may hate this post, but please bear with me as I describe my analysis. Think outside the box. I have nothing against any product or company. ( Company and product names anonymized 😛 ) iOrange is a cult, the followers of that cult feel the need to spread the faith of […]

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Do something now!

Clay Shirky talks about all the wasted time watching tv and doing “nothing” … youtube shows it as a multipart video: httpv://

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