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Looking for difficult problems to solve! 0

Looking for difficult problems to solve!

Problems! Hi, I’ve been fascinated by solving difficult problems, and I’m currently looking for problems 🙂 ! My twitter profile says that I am a “Qatari fearless leader, Polyglot, Polymath, Engineer, IT Specialist, Manager,...

Do something now! 0

Do something now!

Clay Shirky talks about all the wasted time watching tv and doing “nothing” … youtube shows it as a multipart video:

Google App Engine 0

Google App Engine

Google just launched a preview release of App Engine, I was lucky to be able to try it. As Google describe it, “Google App Engine enables you to build web applications on the same...

LibraryThing 0


I just added my books to librarything, I already had a CSV file created with a barcode scanner, so I Just imported it…