Saffron at Katara! Amazing!

I would never be able to explain how I felt there, or describe the experience, but I say “Amazing food! Amazing experience!” Went to Saffron on Saturday, they had weekend set-menus, so we went for the 5-course menu… It included samples of every part of India, North, South, East, and West… It started with a […]

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The time was tonight!

When? Now… httpv:// We have a chance to prove that we can do something… We have 12 years to go before 2022, and I am sure that we can do it. As Obama said: YES WE CAN! Qatar is proving to the world that we can do something: We are not terrorists. We are stable. […]

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8-digit phone numbers in Qatar!

On the 28th of July 2010, all of Qatar’s phone numbers will have an extra digit. My phone number was “special” When I first got it in the mid 90s, it was a 6-digit phone number with no two digits alike, starting with 5 since that was the only number used for mobiles. A few […]

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