Human Resources?

Merriam-Webster defines resource as: 1 a: a source of supply or support : an available means b: a natural source of wealth or revenue c: a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life d: computable wealth The same dictionary defines “Human resources” as an alias for “Personnel”, which is defined as […]

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First Aid

httpv:// Thinking of Egypt, the people on the streets, and remembering my first-aid training: are they breathing? Pulse? Need CPR? look for bruises, scratches, blood… A need to help those in need for it. I am sure that people who have been sleeping too little for days, uncertain about the future: their country, as well […]

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On Walking

I wrote a little bit about it in June 2007, in “Walking Around” and “A trip on the LRT” while I was on a month-long training course in Cairo, and I haven’t written much more about walking… I have always loved walking. I lived in Paris for about two years (1989-1991), and I didn’t get […]

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Only Two choices?

Many people think in “two choices” style… Can it be a binary choice? Either this or that? Coke vs Pepsi Vi vs Emacs iPhone vs BlackBerry Windows vs MacOS (Microsoft vs Apple) There is much more choice: Cold drinks: Orange juice, Apple Juice, 7-up … Water. Free editors: Joe, gEdit, pico, nano … Phones: Nokia, […]

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