Company Names

Naming a company is one of the most difficult taks ever, People in Qatar take the easy route, it’s mostly a cultural issue, the Arabic language is so descriptive, that having an abstract name is almost never a choice. Most company names have the following structure “Country/Place/Nationality Company for Something and Something“, for example (these […]

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Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06.1 Installed

I just finished Installing Ubuntu on my Linux Box, this post and the unicode one were written in ubuntu. What I like so far: Better Speedtouch 330 Support ( I did download the drivers/firmware and read/saved the howto before installing) Cleaner interface than mdk 10.1 (I’m sure newer mandrivas are also good) FireFox 1.5 apt-get […]

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When you develop a mono-lingual application are you using unicode/utf8??? I find it really unneccessary (even though many people would disagree), to use Unicode in an Arabic-only application or web app, I really recommend using the standard encoding of arabic text (about 99% of the worldwide arabic electronic text is encoded in windows-1256). I really […]

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