Remembering the Atrocities of the Bosnian War: How the World Failed to Act

How the UN Failed to Stop a Genocide in Bosnia No Description The video titled “How the UN Failed to Stop a Genocide in Bosnia” takes us back to the early 1990s when Yugoslavia, a federation of six countries, was going through a tumultuous period. The video explains how the breakup of Yugoslavia gave way […]

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How One Email Changed Ali’s Perspective on Social Media

“My father passed away and I have no one now” Uploaded by Maliki Clique on 2023-03-15. Social media has become a powerful tool in the modern world, allowing individuals to connect with others and share their thoughts and experiences. It is a platform that can be used to inspire, educate, and entertain, but it also […]

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On loving Qatar

I was born and raised mostly outside of Qatar… My father went out of Qatar to study in the 1960s, married my mother in the early 70s and they got me, outside Qatar… There were a few constant ideas that were hammered into my brain: We are Qatari, we are Muslim. We love our country. […]

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My passion for Mathematics

My tutor when I was in grade 7 turned me into a mathie! In 1984, we moved to Algeria when my father was assigned his post as the ambassador of Qatar to Algeria. I started my education in Belgium then after 3 years in Qatar, my father wasn’t sure I’d make it through the more […]

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More and more and more pacman ghosts in Düsseldorf

As I’ve been walking in Düsseldorf I kept noticing stickers of pacman ghosts all around the city… Reminds me of the German band Captain Hollywood Project‘s song : httpv://

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