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The internet? Tech-Savvy?

There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns the ones we don’t know we don’t know. Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

I just hate it when somebody who thinks they’re tech-savvy (yes, I said savvy) starts arguing technical trivialities, or tries to convince me of their “ways”.

I remember two distinct incidents:

One guy was supposed to be a tech-expert, after digging deeper, it seems his “great” skills were mostly the ability to get images from Google’s image search and set them as backgrounds on a Windows machine.

Another one was a certified MCSE, he was assigned some helpdesk-style work in his first days, and needed to check a user’s problems of not being able to use his computer. He calls the network admin saying it’s a network problem.

It’s a network problem.
Did you try pinging the server? Any reply?
Yes. No reply.
Is the network cable connected?

Creative Commons License photo credit: oien

After hours of troubleshooting, it was found out that for this MCSE:

  1. Pinging the server was simply clicking “Start”, Run, typing “ping” and pressing the enter key (without specifying the machine/address to ping).
  2. A black terminal flashing in and disappearing means no reply.
  3. The cable being connected means it’s connected on the PC, he didn’t check the other side of the cable.

This is one reason why I don’t really believe in IT certifications.

I believe that there are some basics that every “expert” should know, and then get deeper expertise in specific topics.

Spam, spam, and spam!

This Monty python routine is the basis of the name spam, you will get it, even if you didn’t want to! In the old internet, we didn’t really care about spam bots trying to find our email addresses, for example: I participated in mailing lists, these mailing lists have online archives that include the addresses of all the participants.

My email address is everywhere!

I have gained a lot by routing all my email addresses through Google’s gmail, it knows what is spam and what isn’t, and reading email in gmail is pure bliss!

Podcasts I listen to

Speak Up
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mustafa Khayat

I listen to a lot of podcasts on the Blackberry using PodTrapper. Here’s a list of the podcasts I listen to, linked directly to their RSS feeds. Some of these may be old and not have any recent updates.


Linux Outlaws

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FLOSS Weekly

Full Circle Magazine » podcast

Finux Tech Weekly Podcast

Going Linux

LB – All Episodes – MP3

Linux Geekdom

Linux In Da House MP3 Feed



TuxRadar Linux Podcast (mp3)

Ubuntu Ohio – Burning Circle

The Linux Action Show! MP3

The Linux Link Tech Show Itunes Feed

The Fresh Ubuntu Podcast

This is not a podcast

Tin Foil Hat


Frostbite Media (frostcastmp3)

Four Dudes on Tech

Hack Radio Live

Hacker Medley

Hacker Public Radio

this WEEK in TECH – MP3 Edition

Software Engineering Radio – the podcast for professional software developers

Terminal Geeks

The Command Line Podcast


Pragmatic Podcasts

The Podcast at » Audio podCast


Watani Al-Habeeb Sabah Al-Khair ( I made it available as a podcast! )

Deera Chat


That Jeddah Podcast

A Saudi Life


Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

The Doha Debates



Cory Doctorow’s » Podcast

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Bound Off Short Story Podcast

Clarkesworld Magazine – Online Science Fiction and Fantasy


Escape Pod

The Sofanauts » Podcast / category / tordotstories


The Ladies Pendragon


A History of Oil


DH Unplugged


Why I retweet

What I retweet doesn’t always represent my opinions, but sometimes I read a tweet and feel like retweeting it.

I retweet for many reasons:

  • Things I agree with: This is interesting.
  • Things I disagree with: See what this person said!
  • Things I think my followers may be interested in reading.

Sometimes I like to use old-style RT @username retweets, one of the main reasons I do that is for the original tweeter would get a mention, which is something most tweeters read.

p.s. The spell checker in Firefox 4 was complaining about some words like retweet,retweets, retweeting…  🙂

Blog? Tweet? Other? Why?

I started this blog a long time ago, but I don’t really write here that much.

Then came twitter.

Microblogging seems to be something good, and there is no commitment there to write anything that has a meaning (I liked to follow twelvetwo, his tweets are useless, but entertaining. He tweets every few hours with gems like “There was some gravel in my shoe. I shook it out.“).

The 140 character limit in twitter is very constraining, but it’s much better this way. You don’t write short stories there, just concise snippets of what you were thinking at that time, as well as interesting links. Twitter’s limits made me want to blog even more.

I still find myself not tweeting much, and most of my tweets are retweets of things that I liked, hated, found interesting, or found offensive. I sometimes do it and write something, sometimes it’s deep, and sometimes superficial, could be in any language I speak, sometimes for no particular reason.

Why do I blog? Why do I tweet? Why do I use Facebook? It’s actually quite simple, I write because I can.