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Hey, hey, hey! It’s Fat Albert!

I may be a fictional character from a beloved TV show from before I was born, but my story still resonates with many people. So let me ask you this: have you tried every Yoyo diet out there? Atkins, keto, intermittent fasting – you name it, I’m sure you’ve tried it. Maybe you’ve even turned […]

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﷽ All praises belong to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. The One who has granted us the Deen of Islam, and made us among the believers. O Allah, the One who guides whomsoever He wills, we turn to You seeking guidance and steadfastness in the Deen. Keep us […]

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From Fast Lanes to Life Lessons: How a Crash Course in Adversity Shaped a Reckless Teen

As I sit here reminiscing about my teenage years, I can’t help but be struck by how much my life has changed since that fateful day in 1988. Returning to Qatar for my final year of high school, I was young, reckless, and believed the world was my oyster. Little did I know, a single […]

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Overcoming Gym Frustration: Tips for Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Have you been going to the gym consistently but still not seeing the results you want? You’re not alone. In fact, according to fitness coach Mario Tomic, 90% of people in the gym won’t see results. But why is that? And what can you do to ensure that you’re not part of that statistic? Let’s […]

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Eating Mindfully to Combat Parkinson’s Law

Have you ever found yourself eating more than you intended simply because you had a long period of time to finish your meal? Or mindlessly snacking on a bag of chips just because it was in front of you? If so, you have experienced the effects of Parkinson’s Law on your eating habits. Parkinson’s Law […]

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