Recursive Programming

I had read somewhere that recursion (and most of the recursion examples taught in programming courses) is not always the best solution for many of the proposed topics, I was arguing this issue with a friend who gave me this example: He wanted to print out all subsets of the string ABCD, with the letters […]

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Online Life

I seem to live online more than offline… When I need any information I either type it in the top-right corner of my firefox browser (Google Search – ctrl+k), or type a URL starting with and appending what I want to read about, replacing spaces with underscores, and starting each word with a capital […]

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Walking Around

Today, I took a long walk in Cairo, Egypt. I have a training course here, and I want to exercise by walking instead of using taxis for anything nearby. I have my Garmin eTrex Venture Cx GPSr with me, and used both Google Earth, and Wikimapia to store waypoints for the training center as well […]

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Google breaks the language barrier…

Do you speak Chinese? Arabic? English? French? The internet is full of content that you may or may not understand, and google has found a solution to this problem, Google’s Translation Search is impressive. What it does You choose the language you want to read, and the language you want to search in, Google will […]

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sudo make me a sandwich!

Here’s a nice comic from xkcd, you can order a t-shirt here. Randall Munroe says: This is probably the most popular comic I’ve ever done. It was spotted on the walls at Amazon headquarters and on some of the bigger blags. And now, as per your many email requests, here it is on a shirt!

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