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How Adobe’s Photoshop Was Born 0

How Adobe’s Photoshop Was Born

This is interesting… look at it … the toolbox looks almost exactly like the one in  CS3. How Adobe’s Photoshop Was Born | SiliconUser

Folder Size for Windows Explorer 0

Folder Size for Windows Explorer

From the dumbest piece of software in the last post, we go to the coolest … Microsoft should have done this in windows … In windows there’s no easy way to see the size of a folder…...

Microsoft Photosynth 0

Microsoft Photosynth

I first saw photosynth on ted, but now it’s available for preview, If you don’t know about photosynth, have a look at the Microsoft PhotoSynth Videos on Youtube.

VMWare Fusion for MacOS 0

VMWare Fusion for MacOS

After Apple’s move to intel x86 CPU’s, it’s now possible to do things that were previously impossible…. Have a look at VMWare’s Fusion for MacOS, that as the video shows, will provide Unity between...

Recursive Programming 0

Recursive Programming

I had read somewhere that recursion (and most of the recursion examples taught in programming courses) is not always the best solution for many of the proposed topics, I was arguing this issue with...