Trap all those podcasts!

5 Years ago I stopped listening to the radio… 4 Years ago I stopped following the regular “News” … So depressing. 3 Years ago I started listening to podcasts, but I’m optimizing my usage of gadgets. I’m not using an iPod, My phone has always had WiFi, GPRS, and MP3-playing capabilities, so I would just […]

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To Mac or not to Mac …

I have played with MacOS, mostly in a VM, or on a Dell mini (I call it “iDell mini”), it does run snow leopard. What I like about MacOS and Macintoshes: BSD Unix in the back-end, I can still use the console when I need to. Reminds me of my Ubuntu Linux. The hardware is […]

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25 Years!

I tweeted a reply about it being 25 years since I got my first computer. He asked what it was about, and I didn’t know. Remembering a computer 25 years ago is a sign that I’m getting old, forgetting why I tweeted is another one. My first computer was an Atari 800XL in 1985 (similar […]

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Youtube implements XKCD recommendation!

Just read about it on xkcd’s blag…

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Do something now!

Clay Shirky talks about all the wasted time watching tv and doing “nothing” … youtube shows it as a multipart video: httpv://

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