Petronas Twin Towers
photo credit: nicole_morfe

Looking back at our trip to Kuala Lumpur a decade ago, I remember driving up to Genting (1,865 m or 6,118 ft high) with my family and feeling like I was in a different world. The theme park there was so much fun, and the view from the mountain was stunning. I even had a bit of a laugh since the steering wheel and driving were in reverse to what I’ve known since my teen years.

During my stay in Kuala Lumpur, I noticed that I was able to understand some words without actually knowing them. For example, I saw the word “Masuk” on a sign and knew it meant “enter” based on the context. It’s amazing how much we can pick up on a language just by being immersed in it.

During our trip to Kuala Lumpur, I noticed that some of the Malay words had similar spellings to their English equivalents, and I found it amusing. It was interesting to see how the language borrowed words from English, adapted them to fit their own spelling conventions, and incorporated them into their vocabulary.

For example, “concert” in Malay is spelled as “konsert,” “comedy” is spelled as “komedi,” “station” is spelled as “stesen,” “police” is spelled as “polis,” “insurance” is spelled as “insurans,” “clinic” is spelled as “klinik,” “bus” is spelled as “bas,” “restaurant” is spelled as “restoran,” and “pharmacy” is spelled as “farmasi.”

This observation highlighted the interconnectedness of our world and how language can be a fun and fascinating aspect of travel. Even though we did not speak the local language fluently, learning a few keywords helped us navigate a new place and connect with the local culture.

Exploring the different parts of the city was a highlight of my trip. I was fascinated by the architecture of the buildings, especially the Petronas Twin Towers. The markets and shopping districts were also amazing, and I was impressed with how clean and well-maintained the city was.

Overall, Kuala Lumpur is a city that has something for everyone. The breathtaking views of Genting, the bustling city life, the delicious food, and the friendly people make it a destination that I would highly recommend. Traveling to new places can open our eyes to new experiences and perspectives, and my trip to Kuala Lumpur was no exception.

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