How I got married – part 5

As I am curating the twitter user @weareqatar , I get some questions that aren’t easy to answer in 140 characters or less, so I’m replying here and linking there.

The women’s wedding

The women’s part of the wedding started much later than the men’s part, they lots of sweets, cupcakes, Arabic coffee, tea, tea with milk, tea with mint, cappuccino, latte, … and a buffet dinner.

They got a call, “The men are here”. All of the women, except for my wife covered up.

We waited near the entrance, then her brother said we’re clear to go in.

3 people went in her brother, my father, and I. We walked through a long corridor and a set of doors were opened, lots of women in black were looking at me, and I was trying to ignore them by looking at the floor.

After a few weeks of not seeing her at all, I was startled by the way she looked in the wedding dress, she was smiling, and got up, kissed my father’s head, and greeted her brother. He left the hall. My mother and sisters were able to uncover and we took some photos together…

Some juice and cookies were presented and we both shared a “mixed cocktail” juice… I felt so unsure as I thought lots of women were looking at me…

I told her we needed to go, got up, and took her hand.

Arrangements had to be made for our exit as her brother would be driving us back to their house. We went with an old tradition of the groom staying in the bride’s parents’ house for 3 nights (We took a flight to our honeymoon on the 3rd night).

We arrived at their house, I entered an area for the first time. On my left were the stairs going up… We went to her newly redecorated room, and the Filipina photographer kept taking photos… one more! one more!

The doors were locked and we were finally alone… 9 months later (to the day), we had our first daughter.

This ends this part of the story, that was in 1996, our story continues, but I’ll stop here for now


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