How I got married – Part 3

As I am curating the twitter user @weareqatar , I get some questions that aren’t easy to answer in 140 characters or less, so I’m replying here and linking there.

The long wait… Officially married, never seen her, never heard her voice… I was so anxious to do any of those…

Every family has different “rules”, I know some people who only saw their spouses on their wedding night, and others who were more liberal.

How strict are they? Can I call her? Can I see her? We already sent her the dowry (more than QR1000), some gifts, … but what’s next?

After two weeks it was clear I could call their home number and speak to her, so I did that.

We started talking, agreeing on so many things, … Some calls went on and on for hours… Love at first sound? I was hoping to see her…

After a while, I was allowed to visit, her mother was sitting on a sofa next to us … I finally met her… (replies to the question, but I’ll continue the story).

Visits continued for a while, and then we agreed on a wedding date.

For two or three weeks before the wedding, the visits were not allowed anymore.

“you’ll see her in your wedding!”

(part 4 coming soon)

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