Questions Expats in Qatar never ask me

I usually get questions like “how many children do you have?” or “do you have any siblings?”, but I think some people may be afraid to ask the real questions…

  1. How did you meet your wife?
  2. Was your marriage arranged?
  3. When do you consider a child an adult? (it’s not by age)
  4. What happened to your left hand?
  5. Why do you have white Land Cruisers?
  6. Are there types of Qataris?
  7. What’s the difference between the types of clothes Qataris wear? (nothing/preference)
  8. Why are some Qataris black?
  9. Why do most Qataris not speak English?
  10. What would you think if your daughter …. ?
  11. What do you think about …. ?

Be courageous, ask me anything.

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