Project management under the moon

Under the Moon

I was discussing a project plan that was supposed to have tasks on the 2nd week of September 2010, I interjected: “either delay or advance that by a week”…

She was surprised by my words “a week, why???”

I explained to her the concept of Ramadan and Eid, so she also asked “When would you know the exact date?”

I tried not to laugh as I explained it, trying to show her I was being serious “We have estimates, but we need an actual moon sighting, it will be declared the night before, but it’s one of two days, the rest of the week should be public holidays”.

Since I explained it was a religious thing, she didn’t want to argue, but she ended our meeting with a smile and “This is the first time my project plan depended on the moon”.

I laughed and told her she could add the moon as a project resource.

Photo is by David Biesack and is licensed creative commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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