Useless conferences


I sat so much in full day(s) conferences, most of which I argue are useless. They were mostly designed for people who have heard it before and already agree or are not listening, with no possibility of disagreeing with what is being said.

It’s a one-way information flow mechanism where you are one of the tens, hundreds, or thousands of people listening, and one person speaks. You shut up.

The person speaking claims to know a lot more you do and just reads slides stating mostly things you already know, or things that are plain wrong! Most of the time I think that most people on a full-day conference are there just for the lunch (most conferences in Qatar are organized in 5-star hotels)!

After I started writing this post, I Googled for “useless conferences”, and the first result was the unforgettable Seth Godin, and how he analyzes “how to run a useless conference“, and says that most conferences were designed as a typical experience for average people.

Have you ever gone to a conference not like that? How can one become a conference speaker?

Photo is by Clément Petit and is licensed creative commons (CC BY 2.0).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And then if you do disagree, everyone looks at you like your crazy even though they are thinking the same thing!!

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