The cake is not a lie

A few days ago I wrote “let’s get crazy!” and I know many young Qataris who just started their careers think that all the cards are stacked against them. I spoke to some people, and read what others wrote online, the general opinion seemed to be:

  • Expats won’t let Qataris learn and progress in their careers, and don’t want to be Qatarized.
  • Qatari bosses don’t trust other Qataris, and are afraid the new Qatari would replace them in the management position.

Cross the path!During my 14 years of working in 3 different places, I have known people just like that, but I have also known people who were much more realistic in their expectations. In the same order, I’ve known:

  • Expats who would love Qataris (and non-Qataris) to learn and progress, and are confident that they will remain a valuable asset to the workplace.
  • Qatari bosses who would love the idea of another Qatari taking their position, as they get promoted higher and higher.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, but you need to know who to trust, and when to cross the boundaries of your path… and keep learning!

Photo is by Sali Sasaki and is licensed creative commons (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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