The cult of iOrange!

I know some people may hate this post, but please bear with me as I describe my analysis. Think outside the box. I have nothing against any product or company. ( Company and product names anonymized ๐Ÿ˜› )

iOrange is a cult, the followers of that cult feel the need to spread the faith of iOrange in non-believers.

A person usually joins the cult by purchasing an iOrange device at a high premium price. To feel better about themselves they feel a need to praise the product they just overpaid to get, and try to convince more people to get the exact same device.

They would usually spread to other iOrange devices within a few months.

Starting by a soft purchase like an iChewingGum for $10, they call all their friends to tell them how much it’s easier to use.

Next, the person could graduate to buy an iBike, or even an iCar. After that, they would never go back, and tell you about how much better their new iHouse5 (compared to the iHouse4, they never compare to non iOrange devices).

iOrange may be good, but to say everything else is bad, and that they invented something when it has been available for years doesn’t make sense.

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