Blog? Tweet? Other? Why?

I started this blog a long time ago, but I don’t really write here that much.

Then came twitter.

Microblogging seems to be something good, and there is no commitment there to write anything that has a meaning (I liked to follow twelvetwo, his tweets are useless, but entertaining. He tweets every few hours with gems like “There was some gravel in my shoe. I shook it out.“).

The 140 character limit in twitter is very constraining, but it’s much better this way. You don’t write short stories there, just concise snippets of what you were thinking at that time, as well as interesting links. Twitter’s limits made me want to blog even more.

I still find myself not tweeting much, and most of my tweets are retweets of things that I liked, hated, found interesting, or found offensive. I sometimes do it and write something, sometimes it’s deep, and sometimes superficial, could be in any language I speak, sometimes for no particular reason.

Why do I blog? Why do I tweet? Why do I use Facebook? It’s actually quite simple, I write because I can.

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