Trap all those podcasts!

5 Years ago I stopped listening to the radio…
4 Years ago I stopped following the regular “News” … So depressing.
3 Years ago I started listening to podcasts, but I’m optimizing my usage of gadgets. I’m not using an iPod, My phone has always had WiFi, GPRS, and MP3-playing capabilities, so I would just use that.

At first it was on my Nokia phones, the E71 was much better than earlier models with a Podcasting app built-in, and it downloaded the podcasts automatically through WiFi. My memory cards kept filling-up and I had to manually delete episodes.

The I got a BlackBerry. After researching the available apps, I found PodTrapper, the best podcasting software ever!!!!!!!!

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    • SAUD
    • Monday , the 28th of June, 2010

    For iphoneholic like me , i prefer itunes , which has a thousands of apps , podcasts ,movies , and day by day news like headliner , rss , and feedburner .
    and it’s the king for writing/reading blogs .

    it made my life easy

    Give it a try

    • osama
    • Thursday , the 1st of July, 2010

    I prefer not to use a computer for podcasting… And I like the blackberry 😛

    Different tools for different things is my way, and it is much easier.

    iPhone: Tried it, hated it. I do like the iPad.

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