8-digit phone numbers in Qatar!

On the 28th of July 2010, all of Qatar’s phone numbers will have an extra digit.

My phone number was “special” When I first got it in the mid 90s, it was a 6-digit phone number with no two digits alike, starting with 5 since that was the only number used for mobiles.

A few years ago, Q-Tel added a 7th digit, so my number started with 55. Now they add one more 5, so it will start with 555, just like the fake numbers in the movies.

Some people complained because it messed-up their numbers. This guy didn’t miss a thing, the QR10,000,000 guaranteed a great number.


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    • tori
    • Monday , the 12th of April, 2010

    If they are not changing the amount of digits until july 28th, 2010, then how is it possible for me to have recieved a text message from a number with an extra digit? I didn’t know the number, but it was from a North Carolina, USA, area code. It was a blank text message. It was also dated with a date from the future. The date was December 7th, 2019. Other people have also reported happenings like this, with similarities. How is this possible.

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