25 Years!

I tweeted a reply about it being 25 years since I got my first computer. He asked what it was about, and I didn’t know. Remembering a computer 25 years ago is a sign that I’m getting old, forgetting why I tweeted is another one.

My first computer was an Atari 800XL in 1985 (similar to the video below, but with French Azerty keyboard). It used cartridges for games, as well as an integrated version of Basic, and was connected to the TV. I typed my first program on that computer, and it was a game’s source code that was printed on something we used to call a computer magazine.



After typing a few games, I wrote my own stuff, and got a tape drive (cassette). You were able to boot from a cassette by holding the “option” key and turning on the computer, it would load the program from tape and it took more than 30 minutes after which you would already be bored.

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