CM + W? Big Mac? Hungry Jack’s?

This is a post about systems, and how they maintain a company’s brand.The most obvious examples that come to me as I write this are McDonald’s and Starbucks.

A “Big Mac” tastes exactly the same in Doha, Cairo, Paris, and New York.The same goes for a “Grande w/Whip Caramel Macchiato”… It always means the same (except for SE Asia , I tried Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur where they insist on asking “Whipped Cream?” and “Hot or Cold?”).

Hungry Jack???

What a stupid idea for Burger King to operate under that name in Australia? Even if somebody else uses their name it would have made sense to pay whatever it takes to get that name. Looks the same, tastes the same, different name?

At least Australia is big, and that alleviates the pain, they’re only known by that brand in that “continent”.

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