Telephone Numbers

I have noticed that some companies do not put the telephone numbers that the customers need to call.


For example, when I wanted to reserve a ticket (before the electronic ticket problems) I wanted to call Regency Travel, Q-Tel’s information directory at 180 usually takes a long time to respond so I visited their website, clicked on Contact Us, where it lists many numbers:

  • The General Manager’s Office Number.
  • Four Mobile phone numbers of Managers and Supervisors.

The problem here is that I was at the office, and my mobile’s battery was dead (my office phone does not call mobiles).

I called the General Manager’s office, got an answering machine and hung up, I remember they used to have an easy to remember number, so I called directory assistance. The number they gave me 4344444 is not listed on the website!

Qatar Airways

I wanted to reconfirm my return flight to Doha, I had a ticket on Qatar Airways and visited their website,

I scrolled to the bottom of the page, clicked on the tiny Contact us link at the page footer, then clicked I want to contact a local Qatar Airways office:  click here, then chose Egypt from the list. then clicked the almost invisible link Cairo, then I get 7 different phone/fax numbers sales? cargo? airport? and some cryptic information about check in closing time (yes I know what it means but the average traveler would not).

That’s 4 clicks from the homepage.

Qatar Airways has a 5 digit short number in Cairo 19950, this number is not on their website, and there are no numbers labeled confirmations or reservations, you can only see it on billboards in Cairo.

I just called their main number in Doha.

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