Godaddy’s Excellent Service!

I had a problem right now renewing a few domains on godaddy, whether I used paypal or my credit card number the system refused to continue, saying “unable to process, click here to go back “.

I saw their support phone number on the page, and decided to call them using skype (it’s much cheaper than by normal phone).

Press 1 for existing customer, enter account number followed by #, sorry all our reps are currently busy, if you prefer to wait without music, please press # now…etc.

I then got a reply by a friendly guy named chris, he reconfirmed my account number, name, and last 4 digits of my CC number and asked about the problem.

He asked if he could test it from his side, and if I’d like to use my credit card on file,  yes.

He asked if he could check the “I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox”, yes.

It worked from his side, maybe it has something to do with me connecting through my hotel Internet connection?

Anyway. within 5 minutes, the problem was solved. Thanks, Chris.

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