A trip on the LRT in Cairo

While waling around the city of Cairo (specifically Heliopolis), I saw these trains that are running above the ground on rails that sometimes cross the roads.

After a quick look at Google Earth, and checking the Community KMZ files, I found a KMZ that included Metro, Bus, and LRT lines, these were LRTs:


I saw that they go close to my training course, and decided to try them if I ever get tired of walking. I previously sat on a bench on one of the stations, but never dared to go on the train since I did not know where it went.

The other day, I gave it a try.

I waited for about 15 minutes, GPSr in hand, and when it came I hopped in.

The trains don’t look as good as the trains in Wikipedia, They are old, mostly made out of broken wood, and the doors don’t always close.


There was a guy standing there with change in his hands, and a book of tickets. Not knowing the price for the ride I gave him 5 Egyptian Pounds (EGP), he gave me back 4.75, so the ride is 0.25EGP, around 5 cents. (The people on the train seemed to consider this real money, and not loose change, a girl paid 0.5 for herself and a friend, and her friend paid her back 0.25.)

The trip was very bumpy, with the train swinging left and right and a top speed of 30km/h (measured by GPS, the average speed is about 12km/h, so some people jump off before it reaches the station when it’s closer to their destination).

At one station, a guy came in with a box full of decks of playing cards and shouted trying to sell them “only 1 Guinea, the playing cards that are sold everywhere for 3”, in another station, an older guy had a box of magnifying glasses, the Sherlock Holmes type “High quality magnifying glasses, good for reading small text” he screamed.

It was a facinating ride, maybe I’ll do it again.

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    […] wrote a little bit about it in June 2007, in “Walking Around” and “A trip on the LRT” while I was on a month-long training course in Cairo, and I haven’t written much more […]

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