I seem to live online more than offline…

  • When I need any information I either type it in the top-right corner of my firefox browser (Google Search – ctrl+k), or type a URL starting with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ and appending what I want to read about, replacing spaces with underscores, and starting each word with a capital ….
  • I can be contacted using email or google talk much easier than by phone, I may ignore or forget about missed calls on my mobile phone, but i’ll always read my email and respond to chats (I’ve been using Skype in this trip to egypt to call home, and I’m impressed by the quality – but my previous audio experiences sucked only because of the dial-up connections used at the time).
  • I watch more videos online than TV, using Youtube, Google VideoMetacafe, Digg Videos, Joost and StumbleVideo.
  • My main news sources are online, even though I get a free newspaper at work and I have satellite TV at home.
  • I buy lots of stuff online … amazon, woot … and many more.