Google breaks the language barrier…

Do you speak Chinese? Arabic? English? French?

The internet is full of content that you may or may not understand, and google has found a solution to this problem, Google’s Translation Search is impressive.

What it does

You choose the language you want to read, and the language you want to search in, Google will translate your search query, and search for it, it will then translate the search results, as well as the sites themselves to your chosen language (it’s extremely difficult to explain it… just go there and you’ll understand)
I think the people who will get most benefit from this are:

1. People who don’t speak English

Many Arabs for example (this also applies to many others) do not speak (ok, I mean read) English, and most of the content online is in English, for example:

  • Researchers (of all ages) …. A high-school teacher wants a report about the industrial revolution, there are a very few arabic books on that subjects (probably), and a student is online and does not have easy access to a library. She could use this to search English-language websites, and she will be able to read everything in Arabic…
  • People who have hobbies and interests that are not that popular in their region, and for which there are no sites in their language.

2.People who speak English

This is the second group of people, Some possible uses are:

Current limitations

The limitations of this service are bearable (at least to me, I speak Arabic, English , and French) and this allows me to search in many more languages, but some people will not like these limitations:

  • English is the base language, Google’s translation translates from and to English, you cannot translate between Arabic and Chinese for example.
  • The quality of the translation is not that good, but most of the time you can understand what is written.

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