Qatar Airways e-Ticketing

I visited the website of my travel agency today and used their online reservation system (they use Amadeus), and reserved a ticket on Qatar Airways (The agent for Amadeus in Qatar) … I paid for the ticket online with a credit card… and got a confirmation code…I had previously bought electronic tickets from Air Arabia, printed the ticket from their website, and took it to the airport for immediate boarding… but something felt wrong here… there was no option to print a ticket … just a confirmation code…I called the travel agent, and they told me to come by this evening to collect the ticket.

When I visited them, after going from employee to employee with my printout, every one of them looking at it for 10 minutes, calling a phone number, and transferring me to the next one… they finally told me to go to Qatar airways, and that they will issue the e-ticket.

So off I go to Qatar Airways’ offices, and waiting for some time (it was crowded), I was referred from one employee to another.. until they told me that the card was charged, and they have a confirmation code, but that since this was done today, a ticket number has not been generated yet 🙁 they said come tomorrow …

My rants:

  1. Shouldn’t an e-ticket be available without going to their offices… ?
  2. Shouldn’t it be available immediately….?
  3. Why is it easier to reserve a ticket the old-fashioned way?
  4. Why do they call this thing an e-ticket? because there are no carbon copies?
  5. …. ???

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7 Responses

  1. osama says:


    I got a call today from qatar airways. They said that the credit card was not charged and that I can now reserve online and they will cancel the other reservation. I chose to go to their office and pay cash.

  2. Mohammed says:

    Go to happy Journey 🙂
    I tried this before and web services are not mature yet. I had a bad experience trying to renew my sister’s passport through the internet eeeeeeeeee nightmare

  3. Marie says:


    I want cancel my fly too. I bought it in internet.
    I phone to the office but I must send a mail. Did you keep the mail for cancelling?
    I phone to them every day but no answer. I just have one day more to cancel.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Azeez Isa says:


  5. rastilud says:

    Thanks for your informative reply. I will read and study about it.

  6. evildisaster8688 says:

    Magnifique poste : comme d’hab

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