XP’s Places on Save/Open Dialog Boxes

I have always hated the way Windows XP manages open and save dialog boxes, it gives me choices on the left of the dialog, but those are not the places that I need, I frequently save, and load files from/to:

  • My Desktop
  • e:\
  • A mapped network drive (Linux through Samba)
  • A webdav access to a subversion repository

I found a great resource on the internet to change these, this involves registry editing, but puppy pc even provide a “wizard” that creates a .reg file, here’s the link:

Change Default Open/Save Shortcuts

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  1. JT says:

    To really make the open save dialog box work for you try these two small freeware apps in combination.

    http://lingo.atspace.com/openwide.html – Opens box to any size and saves the detail settings.

    http://dm2.sourceforge.net/ Adds recent folder and custom folders to dialog box. + some other unrelated cool features.

    You also could shell out 20 bucks for direct folders.. it does it all well.

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