Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06.1 Installed

I just finished Installing Ubuntu on my Linux Box, this post and the unicode one were written in ubuntu.

What I like so far:

  • Better Speedtouch 330 Support ( I did download the drivers/firmware and read/saved the howto before installing)
  • Cleaner interface than mdk 10.1 (I’m sure newer mandrivas are also good)
  • FireFox 1.5
  • apt-get
  • It has the word “Drake” in it’s name 🙂
  • Arabic support out of the box (شيء جميل)

What I don’t like

  • Configuration is not as easy or integrated as mandrake/mandriva (mandrake control center) …. I may install webmin…
  • I still haven’t gotten used to the debian way.

Here’s an interview with ubuntu’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth:

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