Time Zones

Most operating systems support the notion of time zones, this allows a computers that communicates with eachother from different countries to have a shared notion of time.

I like the way Linux deals with timezones, it allows me to choose Asia/Qatar, this is very different from Microsoft Windows.

In older versions of Windows my timezone (GMT+3) had two choices Moscow, Baghdad/Kuwait/Riyadh, since we were living in neither of those cities, It felt awkward to explain to a computer user why his timezone is not set to the correct City/Country.

Windows XP made it worse, they offer 3 choices, all they did is move Baghdad away from Kuwait/Riyadh after the Gulf War… But there are Many Countries in GMT+3.

I wonder how the Macintosh deals with this, and who knows what Microsoft will do in Vista, will they split Kuwait/Riyadh into different timezones….

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