Company Names

Naming a company is one of the most difficult taks ever,

People in Qatar take the easy route, it’s mostly a cultural issue, the Arabic language is so descriptive, that having an abstract name is almost never a choice.

Most company names have the following structure “Country/Place/Nationality Company for Something and Something“, for example (these are out of my head, if this is your company name, consider it free advertising, or contact me to remove it):

  • Qatari Company for Computers and Maintenance
  • Lebanese Company for Trees and Gardening
  • American Company for Food and Beverages
  • London Company for Sewers and Drainage

Some try to escape the pattern, but most don’t… by the way… most their logos are the first letter enclosed in a circle.

Igor’s Naming Guide is one of the best guides to naming companies (and products/services), these company names break all the “rules”.

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