The B: Drive!

Askyahoo answers the question Why is it that computers never have a “B” drive? but they are dead wrong.

They say “ Technically speaking, the “computer” isn’t missing the B drive, it’s just that later Microsoft operating systems have omitted it as unnecessary. You can read more about the ins and outs of archaic drive systems at Microsoft Support. ” but don’t they know that it has never been omitted from Microsoft operating systems?

If you install a second floppy drive it will still show as B:

Linux/Unix has a better paradigm, they do not use drive letters but you can mount any floppy drive/Hard Disk/CD/DVD/USB Storage in any folder that you want.

p.s. I haven’t used a floppy drive in 4 years so I think we can even remove the A: floppy.

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  1. osama says:

    I just want to add a second postscript…

    In my latest PC built in April 2008, I didn’t put in a floppy drive. (it runs Linux so no drive letters).

  2. osama says:

    That was in 2006… In 2010 I don’t even remember the days of floppies… and wouldn’t buy a floppy drive for any PC. Laptops/Netbooks stopped including them. 8 years dead?

  1. Thursday , the 7th of December, 2006


    Google is the best search engine…

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