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My name is Osama bin Khalifa bin Sultan Alassiry Almaadeed , or more simply Osama Almaadeed.

I was born on the 29th of April 1973, and I grew up in many countries accompanying my father, who has been a diplomat since 1971, and was Ambassador of the state of Qatar in many countries until he retired in 1994.

I attended public and private schools in the countries where I lived. In these schools I have a multicultural background (I fluently read, write, and speak Arabic, English, and French). I discovered an interest in software and began programming computers at age 11.

I got married in February 1996, and I now have six children. I am an avid reader, and I enjoy writing and swimming.

In Summer 1997 I graduated from The University of Qatar with a BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with many elective courses in IT and Business.

That’s enough information for any reader who may have wandered here…. This is a personal blog, so I will not tell you about my job!

You can contact me using this QR-Code…

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  1. Hi
    i am working on a project that it is somewhat similar to what you asked here at :http://stackoverflow.com/questions/246961
    i have a database with a lot of articles and i want to find similar articles according to the most frequent words in them.
    i wander if you had done sth like this before . if you had done this ,is it based on the words ? and how you had implemented that?
    please help me with this
    i really appreciate you

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